Social Media Advertising for Successful Online Shops

Measurably more Sales

Through customised Social Performance Strategies

Angelika Chmiel paid social media
Angelika Chmiel paid social media

10+ years of expertise with international brands

Senior level expertise from 10+ million Euros ad spend

Managed performance budgets per account: 3-300 k €/month.

Does that sound familiar?

Do you want to scale your Campaigns, but your CPA is increasing in line with your Budget?

Do your Creatives burn out quickly and you constantly have to deliver new Ads?

Your campaign results are okay, but could be better. How do you manage to get more out of your campaigns?

Despite many tests, you don’t know why your campaigns sometimes work and sometimes not. What really brings Success?

Are you unable to understand the results of your service providers? Do you lack Transparency?

Time investment in the channel and in the creatives and the Output from the campaigns are simply not right?

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Profitable growth via social media ads is still possible. My results show it.

My name is Angie and over the last eight years I have successfully implemented social media campaigns for global brands and start-ups. In the process, I have gained expertise from over several million euros of ad spend

The truth is that it will still be possible to generate profitable sales and even grow with social media ads in 2024.

The challenge for many D2C brands is that potential customers are inundated with run-of-the-mill adverts. Only a few brands really go into depth to communicate the added value of their products and actively differentiate themselves from their competitors.

A lack of expertise in optimising and testing in the right places also means that they are not only wasting their valuable time, but also money.

That’s why I have developed a process that addresses the above points in a structured way with the aim of standing out from the crowd and generating profitable sales for your online shops.

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